Ten songs from my library, in the order they appeared on shuffle

Any excuse to make a list, right? For added extra fun, do a Tarot spread with these.
  1. 1.
    "Little Talks" - Of Monsters and Men
    Don't listen to a word I say / The screams all sound the same.
  2. 2.
    "Cantaloop" - Tony Little
    Brace yourself as the beat hits ya / Dip trip flip fantasia
  3. 3.
    "Hooked on a Feeling" - Blue Suede
    Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga
  4. 4.
    "Legion of Super-Heroes Season 1 theme" - Michael McCustin
  5. 5.
    "Great Gig in the Sky" - Pink Floyd
    And I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, I don't mind
  6. 6.
    "My Girl" - The Pillows
    どんな言葉より / どんな光より / 僕を救ってくれた女の子
  7. 7.
    "Shop-Vac" - Jonathan Coulton
    If you need me / I'll be downstairs / With the shop vac / You can call but I probably won't hear you / Because it's loud with the shop vac on
  8. 8.
    "It's My Turn to Fly" - The Urge
    I fill my lungs with fear and I exhale.
  9. 9.
    "Hide and Seek" - Imogen Heap
    Trains and sewing machines. (Oh, you won't catch me around here)
  10. 10.
    "21st Century (Digital Boy)" - Bad Religion
    See I'm a 21st century digital boy / I don't know how to read but I've got a lot of toys