Things that scare me about my maid of honor speech

Less than a month to go and I have all the feels and all the anxiety about this dang group of words I have to speak to approximately 200 people I don't know. This is me sorting it out and adding gifs to make it less scary.
  1. First, I've been trying to write this speech for six years. In that time there have been four guys that all were supposed to be "the one" in my BFFs life. Now the real slim shady has stood up and I have no clue what to write.
  2. It's supposed to be about our friendship, right? So why do I feel so self centered every time I mention myself in the speech?
  3. The biggest fear: what if I say the wrong guy's name? "Let's all raise a glass to Sam and... Oh wait, AJ and... NOOOOOO."
  4. Second biggest fear: I swear in front of this large conservative Christian group. I'm a potty mouth when I'm nervous or excited or worked up. Which is a majority of my life.
  5. I tried broadcast journalism once upon a time. I messed up a lot of takes and every time I did I would kind of "stretch" my mouth out. Plainly put I would stick my tongue out and say, "blah." Not like a vampire but like I had messed up and was trying not to freak out. What if I start that again?
  6. Basically, I'm going to put this off another week and try not to think about my friend getting married, moving away, and having babies all before we turn 30 and I've had a proper date.