Alternative list title: I am Psycho
  1. I walk through the automatic doors of Whole Foods with pep in my step
  2. Fresh flowers and colorful produce welcome me in
  3. Everywhere around me are free samples
  4. Actually, everything is just free
  5. I have a free meal under the guise of "samples"
  6. I reach in the bakery case for a chocolate chip cookie and my hand brushes against another's hand also seeking a pastry.
  7. It's Harry Styles
  8. ((My heart is speeding up))
  9. "Oh, sorry," he says in his British accent.
  10. We both get our bakery treats and he keeps the conversation moving along.
  11. Harry realizes his motorcycle isn't working so he has to hitch a ride with me
  12. I frantically search for music to play that isn't One Direction so I don't look psycho
  13. We roll the windows down, blasting the music and gliding through the streets
    Why am I so taken with these coming-of-age John Green-esque moments???
  14. Inevitably a One Direction song plays because my music is on shuffle
  15. He sings/dances/performs along with the music with me
  16. 💓
  17. This is too long. I'm stopping myself here.
    I've given myself an adrenaline rush just by thinking of this.