1. The world is quiet.
    Stay up late enough and the world will reach a similar calm too. The hours where expectations soften are really nice. Nowhere to be, no one to impress - there's a sense of freedom and clarity in the quiet.
  2. You can start the day off with intention.
  3. Café charms.
    Cafés are truly different places when they're quiet and the line is either minimal or nonexistent.
  4. Good picks at grocery stores 👌
  5. Being sneaky!
    Don't get me wrong, sleeping in isn't void of its own perks and benefits. And if people didn't sleep in, it would be harder to pull things like surprising others with an unexpected breakfast, flowers, DIY gifts and creations, etc. Both night owls and early birds do their part to make the world go 'round.
  6. Nothing is closed!
    Unless it's not open yet! Minor detail!
  7. A morning walk.
    To start, going for a stroll in the daylight feels safer than one at night. And carving out time for exercise in the morning is well worth it too since work/errands/obligations fill up a nice size of the day.
  8. Time to read/write/exercise
    Whether we get up early or stay up late, we're essentially just creating extra time to do whatever we like to do. V nice, v healing, should never be undervalued.
  9. Everything is soft and dewey and new and birds are usually chirping.
    Straight up fairy tale vibes.