I follow a lot of fitness blogs for a girl that eats cookies for breakfast and gets winded walking upstairs
  1. Why are you all after "a no BS trainer"?
    Looking at you, my fellow people on Yelp.
  2. If BS means having bedside manner, give me all the BS
  3. What trainer did you encounter that was giving you bullshit, really?
    I'm confused. I think you mean to say that this "no BS trainer" gets you results ....which leads me to...
  4. When did BS become synonymous with results-driven?
    Are we gonna start putting this on resumes?! "Yeah I'm a real, no BS employee! Hire me!"
  5. Every article that's about to shame me for over-consuming calories starts by giving the same visual
    "You're on the couch after work, watching TV and suddenly one chip becomes two and before you know it, you ate the whole the whole bag!"
  6. Like you never watch TV?!
    Not to be salty, but how else did you watch and come to know your idol Jillian Michaels
  7. Do you never sit on your couch either?
    Do we really have to count our chips, never sit on the couch and never watch TV?
  8. #gains #iifym #girlswholift
    I'm very familiar with your culture but not your form or workouts or how I should be doing any of this 😩 #helpme #teachme
  9. Who tipped us all off to the holy meal of "chicken breast, 1/2 sweet potato and broccoli?"
    If I had a dollar for every time I heard this....
  10. Tough love = ?
    I'm sorry but "drop and give me 50!" doesn't sit well with me. I don't know a time where I dreaded the fresh air and movement of a recess break at grade school and I don't see why we have to go through psychological warfare when it comes to working out because movement is really so innate and so human and endorphins?!!? 💥
  11. How many protein shakes per day?
    *says the girl who has no idea what she is doing but is very committed to play the role until then*
  12. What do our kidneys have to say about all the protein protein protein
    The repetition felt necessary...idk
  13. No excuses??
    Exhausted and potential to injure self? Family? Friends? Work? Creative projects? Sleep? Travel? Balance, y'all 🌍✌🏻️
  14. What are you all listening to on your headphones?
    A podcast? 1D? Intense, motivational music? Broadway tunes? Have any recs? Wanna share playlists over our consumption of protein that we HAVE to get 10-15 minutes after working out?
  15. Are you self conscious at the gym too?