1. "You were right all along."
    From my dad preferably.
  2. "Harry was hoping he could have your number?"
    From one of our mutuals, of course.
  3. "I have an extra plane ticket to (*insert amazing city*). Want to come?"
    ON. MY. WAY. ✈️🏃
  4. "Coming by with chocolate chip cookies!"
    You gem! You didn't have to!!! Um when will you be here???
  5. "Do you want to dog sit?"
  6. "I'm picking you up at midnight and we're going to (the movies/drive to the top of a hill to look at the stars/crash this party)
    There's just nothing like assertion when making plans. I also feel like I have some unfinished high school dreams to take part in late night shenanigans?
  7. "❤️"
    I live for these emojis. All you gotta do is send me one and I'll probably shed a tear.
  8. "You're not crazy."
    From Harry Styles himself.