Word got round today that One Direction was not actually taking a hiatus, but permanently breaking up. Thought I'd document texts received and comments passed along to me in light of this news (read: rumor)
  1. The first: my friend and coworker, Marisa.
  2. Let's get a closer look at the picture she sent.
  3. Text from Lizelle with a tweet included.
  4. Let's take a look.
  5. Text from my aunt.
  6. Passed along the news to Kelly.
  7. "If this is true, think of all the sad teenagers out there. ...and Jane."
  8. "I understand if I don't see you here tomorrow."
  9. "Your world must be crumbling."
  10. "Maybe Harry will go solo ...and that will just be even better!"
    Sweet soul. Thank you for being so behind Harry's talent and trying to offer a silver lining.
  11. I suspect more to come.