Requested by @lizelle
  1. Strangers call me sweetie ☺️
  2. Children dress better than me
    Cute plaid coats/capes, hats, boots...
  3. See all the people hugging!
    MY HEART 😭❤️
  4. TSA employee chats with you about how hard it is to find a simple black skirt
    I told her which stores to check out and she said she would !
  5. Little kids exclaim "THAT'S AWESOME!!!" upon seeing a flight take off ✈️😱
  6. Said children's parents say "do you know there's Santa's packages in there?" 😢❤️❤️❤️
    SO SWEET !
  7. Fellow travelers compliment my boots
  8. Window seats with views of the clouds 🌁✈️
  9. Sitting next to cute pups who rest their head on your forearm ☺️🐶
  10. Being surprised with a welcoming crew 😥💕💕