Recently discovered music

Here are a few songs or artists that I have discovered this week that have restored my faith in music and humanity
  1. Die a happy man- Thomas Rhett.
    This man loves this woman. I wish to be this woman!
  2. Wona- Mumford & Sons
    M&S new album 'Johannesburg' is an unexpected treat. This song makes my soul happy
  3. All about me- Beatenberg
    Thanks to to the M&S album mentioned above I have now found the group Beatenberg. The album 'The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg ' is worth listening to ( I suggest on repeat). This song makes my soul wanna dance
  4. Katie Boeck
    I just discovered her last night. I may be late to this party but I am so glad I have made it. Her voice and her lyrics. I can't imagine how she has been peeking inside my head or reading my journal all this time without me knowing. She gets it..then she writes an amazing song about it and sings the mess out of it