10 albums from my teen years

  1. #1 is Letters to Cleo, my favorite band when I was a teen. I cried when I found out they broke up 😭
    Aurora Gory Alice
  2. #2 well they were my favorite band
    Wholesale Meats and Fish
  3. #3 so freaking great
  4. #4 good old fashioned Marilyn Manson. I was a sad and angry teen. Sometimes.
    Antichrist Superstar
  5. #5 Fiona Apple on repeat, so many nights
  6. #6 Alanis Morrisette knew what I was going through. She didn't judge me
    Jagged Little Pill
  7. #7 Veruca Salt was deliciously angsty.
    Eight Arms to Hold You
  8. #8 brings the last of my teen years, Gorillaz.
  9. #9 I remember sleeping with this Radiohead album playing, all snuggled up with my future husband
    Kid A
  10. #10 Coldplay was something a college friend kind of forced on me at first, but I ended up loving their early stuff