Fictional TV Characters I Would Date The Hell Out Of

Bisexual edition.
  1. Larry Paul
    Ally McBeal was an okay show, and then this sexy man sang with Sting and it was magical.
  2. Shane from The L Word
    I know, she had a lot of one night stands. She was a PLAYA. But I'm kind of okay with that.
  3. Ben Wyatt
    Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite tv shows, probably top 5. His love for Letters to Cleo makes him my spirit animal soul mate.
  4. Veronica Mars
    Smart as hell and adorable. I would've dated her, ya know, when I was in high school.
  5. Marshall Eriksen
    It was a tough choice between Freaks and Geeks and HIMYM. Marshall wins because he's grown up and responsible. And cute.
  6. Jim Halpert
    We could date but not too seriously, it would end amicably, and then he would still end up with Pam. Because they were BFF's and meant to be together.