Every year for I don't know, the past 5 or 6 years, we have driven down to North Carolina to see my sis-in-law's family and not do much of anything. Lots of relaxing, visiting parks, and eating out. This year, we are flying to Oregon for a week, and I've never been before.. I'm really excited!
  1. Countdown is 21 days. Exactly 3 weeks from now
    I need to buy myself a good carry-on bag that fits the size requirements and also looks cute as hell 💁
  2. I am a bit terrified of air travel with two little kids
    Of course my husband will be with us and he's really good at keeping the wild animals at bay. BUT, they are 2 & 1/2 and 16 months old. Shit's bound to get crazy at some point. Good thing my psychiatrist gave me Xanax for the flights 😲
  3. I have to figure out how to pack efficiently
    We are only checking ONE suitcase for 4 people. I guess this means I can't bring my dozen pairs of flip flops and my cute wedge heels. At least the kids' clothes are small.
  4. Going to a catholic Mexican baptism
    Apparently it's a really big deal when they get baptized. Our friend's 2 year old is the one getting baptized, and he said it's basically going to be a 2 day party. Bring it on!!
  5. Visit Washington state
    Edibles are not legal in Oregon, so when we fly in we are driving up through Portland and across the river for some gummies! I've always wanted to try them!
  6. Visit Portland
    We plan on eating marionberry pancakes while we're there, too. Because, Portlandia !
  7. Visit the ocean
    Last year we did a weekend trip to the Outer Banks and it was a blast. Now we'll see the Pacific and our youngest will have seen both coasts before he's even 2 years old. I was 11 for my first big trip (camping in Colorado), and 14 when I got to see the Pacific Ocean on a trip to Hawaii. My kids already have a way more happy and exciting childhood than I did, and it makes me very happy. Growing up for me was mostly terrible.
  8. Visit Mt. Hood
    Not sure if we'll have time for this, but we can hope.
  9. Legal weed!
    I'm excited to purchase it legally and pick out a few different types to try. I have PTSD and I've wanted to try medical marijuana for years, and Ohio finally has legalized medical - however, it's going to be a few years still before they work out all the rules and regulations and get dispensaries up and running. It's going to be a goooooood week in Oregon though 🤤
  10. The only sad part - I'm going to miss my dog
    For years, Cleveland has traveled with us and he's a great road companion. I wish I could sneak him in my bag, but I think TSA might notice an 80 pound black golden retriever in my carry-on 😆
  11. And here's a cute pic of my boys with the new umbrella stroller I got for this trip