I had to think on this one a few days, and I feel like there's more I'm forgetting
  1. American Idol
    I'm almost ashamed to put this on my list, but it's so true. I started watching during season 3 and enjoyed it well enough. I will never understand why they kept the show going after Simon left, though I stopped watching before that happened. It just kept dragging on, they should've just let it die.
  2. Pretty Little Liars
    Why is it still going? Why?! I tried to keep watching, but it got so tedious.
  3. Weeds
    Ugh. It probably should've ended when she got shot in the head, if not before. But it was so fantastic the first couple of seasons. What a disappointment.
  4. Jericho
    This one is not so much that the show let me down, but the network cancelled it twice, and that was such a bummer.
  5. True Blood
    So good the first three seasons. Then so very, very bad. They should have stuck closer to the books.
  6. House
    Love love LOVED this show, and then it kept going. And going. And going.