Ideas for New Sanrio Characters

Sanrio has lots of characters. Here's a few more merchandise opportunities.
  1. J-Soda Pop.
    A soda that's also a pop singer.
  2. Tuni Tuna.
    A tuna fish whose goal is to continue evading rampant overfishing.
  3. Fatty the Very Fat Cat.
    He's surly because he's always hungry. Pretty self explanatory.
  4. Trilby Tom.
    A trilby hat that's always saying "I'm not a fedora, I'm a trilby". It has a raccoon friend who tries to eat it.
  5. The parents of Hello Kitty.
    I mean if she's supposed to be an actual little girl, where the fuck is her family?
  6. Strawberry Barry.
    Just a guy shaped like a strawberry. Doesn't have to like or sell strawberries. In fact he should probably lament it and talk about he just wants to be left alone in a patch of grass to die.
  7. Karen.
    This is something to give a niece or nephew you just don't like.