I love emojis they are in my opinion the single most amazing advancements our modern technology has ever accomplished.
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    😍 this emoji perfectly displays how I feel every time I see something/someone/someplace I love and therefore is the most valuable and most used of all emojis in my Arsenal
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    📚 because I love to read and I'm happy that reading is popular enough that there is an emoji for it
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    🌻my favorite flower
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    🍇 my favorite fruit
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    ✌🏻 my favorite sign to make whenever I take a photo and don't know what to do with my hands also I feel super cool when instead of saying bye I can just bring out this emoji and bam
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    😂I love to convey that I'm laughing so hard that tears are actually coming out of my eyes
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    🐧 I love penguins
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    🌴 my favorite kind of tree
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    💜 I love purple and I think inside my heart really should reveal that
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    ☁️ got my head in the clouds and I'm walking on air
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    😴 because it makes me feel like I'm in a cartoon whenever I use this emoji to express my tiredness or the fact that I am going to sleep
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    🍕 pizza is bae