Tips with love from a mother's only daughter.
  1. "She'll always be with you."
    Maybe? Or maybe she's just dead!
  2. "Ooohh I'm so sorry" (good) followed by this face (bad)
    Pity face helps no one.
  3. Staring into my eyes for way too long and hugging me for even longer despite the fact that I have NO IDEA WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE.
    Funeral/memorial service edition.
  4. "She was my person."
    Actually, no she wasn't. She was mine, thanks.
  5. "How are you feeling?"
    Isn't that obvious????? My mom just died!!!
  6. "Let me know if you need ANYTHING" when you don't actually mean it.
    Empty promises are almost as bad as the pain I'm currently experiencing.
  7. "It seemed so sudden, she looked great the last time I saw her!"
    Did she tho? Cause sleeping in a hospital bed on the first floor of your house hooked up to an oxygen tank seems "great"? USE YOUR HEAD.
  8. "How are you feeling?"
    Still shitty - my mom is still dead. But thanks for checking in again and reminding me that I feel like shit.
  9. "Your dad is a catch, he'll have no trouble finding someone. I was thinking about ____________ or ____________!"
    Seriously???? Seriously. My mom just died. #toosoon Not to mention the fact that you don't know shit about who would be good for my dad given your heinous suggestions for a mate.
  10. "I'm praying for you."
    Hmm... Okay I guess. Praying for what though? That I won't break out into random fits of intense sobbing whenever the demon strikes? Yeah, kind of unavoidable at this point.
  11. "It's going to be okay."
    Is it though????
  12. "The sadness will come in waves."
    You really think I don't know that yet? Come on.
  13. "When my uncle died..."
    Uncle is not your mom, also idgaf about your uncle.
  14. "When my boyfriend broke up with me..."
    Nope, not the same, also he was an asshole from the jump anyway and we all knew it was doomed to fail.
  15. "When my dog died..."
    Yeah, dogs dying sucks. But not as much as the woman who carried you into this world and raised you for 26 years dying as you held her in your arms sucks!!! Just a thought.
  16. "Call me anytime - morning or night, whenever, I'm always available for you if you need to talk."
    And then when I call you, you don't answer and also don't call back.
  17. And finally, "I'll be your mother now."
    Yes, actually said to me by 4 people.
  18. Things that help: "I'm so sorry." "This sucks." "I'm bringing you dinner tonight." "Hey, wanna go to the movies?" "Hey, let's go grab a drink." "Remember when your mom did this amazing/hilarious/intelligent/stupid/fun/silly thing? Your mom was the best."
    Refer to the above when you don't know what to say or do.
  19. I love you mom!