You know what they say, you are what you last googled
  1. 1) how to check the last things I googled
    Inception like if you ask me
  2. 2) Robin Lopez Knicks rumors
    Gotta support my home team at any chance I can get
  3. 3) How much will I make after taxes?
    One of the most important questions I'll ever ask
  4. 4) Why does Gareth Bale do the heart sign after a goal?
    He's my favorite player, but I still don't know why he does it
  5. 5) indigogo Greece campaign
    Everyone's wondering if they're gonna default. Did you know if every European donated 3 euros, Greece could get out of debt
  6. 6) Sergio Aguero haircut
    I wish I was cool enough to get my hair done like that
  7. 7) "80 percent of women will put genitals in their mouth but won't eat the dark part of a banana" meme
    As the intern at my current job I always want to provide my coworkers funny memes so they will like me
  8. 8) Leko verse Kramnik chess game
    Very important game in the history of chess so wanted to be reminded of it
  9. 9) Christie shuts down GW Bridge
    Since he announced he was running for president I finally looked up this controversy to see what it was about
  10. 10) what happens when you ask Siri what 0 divided by 0 is?
    Was not disappointed in that one