You know what they say. You are who you date @Alicia
  1. Country Music
    I always hated it and thought it only was only about beer, women, and tractors. Now I just love it
  2. Problems with the American Schooling System
    Ignorance is certainly not bliss and I'm glad I know more about the issues
  3. Having civil political disagreements
    I always used to shy away from voicing my opinion if I disagreed with someone, but now I like to hear the opposing viewpoint against mine
  4. Emojis
    So much can be said in one little emoji 😎
  5. Indian food
    My stomach hates me for it but there's nothing more satisfying than a Friday night Santa Banta
  6. Food Network
    Who knew Chopped and making fun of Rachel Ray could be so fun
  7. The Beach
    The thought of sitting on the beach for hours used to terrify me, now I look forward to it
  8. Ending lists with "to be continued"
    Suggested by @Alicia
  9. Cobra starship
    Alicia got me into this, when she had bangs. I thought she was super edgy
    Suggested by @joetro22