And variations thereof. Real and fictional. In honour of #babyhank. ❤️
  1. Henry David Thoreau
    The philosophical one.
  2. Henry Hudson
    The explorative one.
  3. Hank Aaron
    The athletic one.
  4. Prince Harry
    The ginger one. (Henry Charles Albert David.)
  5. Henry VIII
    The infamous one. Try not getting "I'm Henry VIII I am..." stuck in your head. I dare you.
  6. Henry Ford
    The innovative one.
  7. Harry Potter
    The chosen one. (I'm taking liberties with this one. We don't know if Harry is a Henry or just a Harry. As I recall, the only thing J.K. Rowling makes clear is that his name is Harry James Potter. But since Harry is a variation of the name, I think it's fair game.)
  8. Henry Winkler
    The Fonz-y one.
  9. Henrik Lundqvist
    The hockey one. (See also: Henrik Sedin, but I like Lundqvist better.)
  10. Oh Henry
    The sweet, chocolatey one.