Things that I've realized about myself that make me stop and ask, "how? Why?"
  1. Round numbers are ideal for everything but waking up. No idea why
  2. Toaster waffles taste better if you fold into a little syrup filled taco
  3. Toes without polish creep me out
  4. The only good jelly beans are warm colors. Except for red. Pink= 👌🏼, red= 🖕🏼
  5. I fucking love sleeping on the floor
  6. My throats gurgles after I drink coffee. It's not a burp and it not a hiccup, but it's 100% obnoxious and uncontrollable
  7. I have a threshold of social interaction and once it's reached it is incredibly difficult for me not to be an asshole because all I want is to retreat to the sacred abyss that is my quiet bedroom