Instant nostalgia

  1. Brave- Idina Menzel
    It was magic on stage, much needed at that time in my life, and still gives me chills
  2. Seeing young girls playing soccer at Huffman & Buckeye Woods
    Playing at least three days a week from age 4 to 16, I grew up on those fields and often wish I never quit
  3. Little Women
    My mom and I read the books together on the couch when I was younger because that's what she and my grandma did. Then, cast in the musical, I got to rehearse and have sleepovers with *college girls* all Summer and we became incredibly close. For the first time I didn't feel like a little kid anymore and I realized I was a passenger on a rapid, one way train: growing up.
  4. Summer before Junior Year
    I was in the warmth and the sun and pure happiness of my first real love. Every single day a new adventure & the entire summer was magic.
  5. Under Pressure- Queen
    I played this song before every game when I was on JVB soccer, because I knew I was better than that. The next year I was called up to Varsity and named JVA MVP
  6. When Rafie scored the district championship winning goal in the last thirty seconds of overtime
  7. Day 2 in St. Augustine, Senior Trip
    Elated with a newfound independence, we skinny dipped in the ocean in broad daylight, pet a shark, stumbled into an unexpected dance party for the middle aged, and got far too sunburnt in the bliss of it all
  8. Fishing at the Kiousis peninsula
    At every opportunity in my childhood, I pestered my parents to go to Collins so he and I could go fishing. He taught me to cast a line, bait a hook, and, when all else failed, he would catch a fish and let me just reel it in
  9. Mango salsa
    A staple in Downing 115, freshman year of college
  10. Best of Both Worlds Tour
    I made a shirt that said "I heart Miley" and she 100% pointed at me during Right Here and I cried and my mom worked so hard to make the concert happen so then she cried because I was so excited
  11. Spring Leadership Ball
    The tea, the rehearsals, the event. Dancing with Collin and my dad, hugging my mom, and becoming a deb like my grandma was
  12. Mulan & Tarzan
    Many sick days were spent watching these in bed, curled up with my mama. Concussions, pulled ligaments, broken hearts, stomach flus and fevers; I could go to hell and back with her by my side telling me it'll be okay. I still watch them when I'm sick but god does it make me miss home
  13. Only in Sleep
    There was a moment during rehearsal that concert choir closed their eyes, held hands, and sang this on a dark stage together that I will never forget; I felt so proud to know those kids and so incredibly grateful for the gift of singing with them