Random Thoughts & Questions

  1. Coffee is just flavored water. What?!
  2. Waiters and waitresses are a super weird concept. I don't make the food, I don't make the drinks, I don't put on a show, but you sure as hell better pay me to *just bring stuff to you*
  3. Holy fuck Africa is cool
  4. I'd sleep with Phil Collins if I had the chance, purely to thank him for the Tarzan Soundtrack
    Do camera men sit in the same spot for 8000 years and hope this *one* species of bug walks in front so they can get a centered, focused, enlarged shot? Do they stage them all? Why don't more get eaten? What is this sorcery?!
  6. It's hard to drive and eat tacos
  7. Does anyone actually eat a saltine cracker for enjoyment
  8. Is it our clean mouth flavor because mint is refreshing or is it refreshing because it's our "clean mouth flavor"?
    Who decided this? Some random dude? The universe?
  9. British people probably have a really tough time hearing the difference between "floored" and "flawed"
    Yes, I'm watching the Great British Baking Show, no, I cannot stop.