1. Watch the rain patter against this basement window. Feel nostalgic about driving around at night with the windows down in high school.
  2. Flip through old, previously-read books as I try to decide what to cull from the library (never gonna give you up WIND-UP BIRD CHRONICLE!).
  3. Consider how psyched some hipsters will be when they find all of these kickass books at the Goodwill.
  4. Practice my falsetto with zero embarrassment.
  5. Make a new playlist of Roy Orbison songs. He was amazing, btw. Where the fuck is his big-budget biopic? Just sayin.
  6. Remember how creepy that scene in BLUE VELVET was & appreciate Dean Stockwell.
  7. QUANTUM LEAP was a pretty good tv show, right? Was I too dumb to know better at the time?
  8. Start a petition to ask Sam Smith if he'd do an album of Marvin Gaye or Tom Waits covers, or both.
  9. Leave it on 'repeat' until the rain stops.