I have lived in many places and usually become a fan of the locals. Formerly I was a rabid fan lived and died with my team, a playoff loss would send me into a funk. Not so much anymore but the rivals of teams I followed still hold a place of scorn in my heart. Here they are.
  1. St. Louis Cardinals - I am still somewhat of a Cub fan so I hate the Stink'in Cardinals. Their fans are so entitled it makes me want to gag.
  2. Green Bay Packers - I became a Bears fan in middle school the same time I was a Cub fan. Gale Sayers era. Well the Packers were THE team back then. I was a Bear fan so I hated and continue to hate the Pack. Unfortunately for me I married into a Packer family. Naturally my daughter is slurping up that Kool Aid. It's my lot in life.
  3. Oklahoma (football) Sooners - We lived in Omaha when I was a boy so I was a Nebraska fan. They were horrible! This was prior to Bob Devaney coming and leading them to respectability. Oklahoma was a juggernaut. They won 47 straight between 1953 and 1957. In addition they came to Colorado and beat the Buffs 82 - 42 in 1980. I'll always hate them.