1. Be more positive
    I realized that I am very blessed in life and need to start looking at everything from a more positive angle
  2. Work out (maybe)
    Maybe should start working out again but also maybe should just stop eating a whole pizza every Monday night and pretending eating some salad makes it all okay
  3. But at the same time, learn to love myself
    So much of media focuses on losing weight, having a 6 pack, or just being skinny in general. I want to focus on loving myself while also being healthy
  4. Learn who should be in my life and who shouldn't
    In 2015, I learned that I put a lot of effort into people who don't seem to care at all about me and I need to learn that it's okay to want more than that
  5. Become more independent
    I should learn how to make myself dinner besides pizza and tacos before I become a real adult