2. Okay, Spider, you're fine right there. Just don't move.
  3. Stop moving your leg! Where are you going?! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!?
  4. Nowhere. Okay. Fine. That's cool. I'm cool.
  5. Did I already wash my hair? Fuck.
  6. Owww! I have shampoo in my eyes! I could have closed my eyes. I'm such a dumb dumb! The spider wasn't going-- Where the fuck is the spider.
  7. Oh hello, my little nightmare. Are you enjoying yourself?
  8. 'They're more afraid of you than you are of them'... But are they really?? Are they??
  9. WHERE are you going?! Are you fucking with me? What if it's just fucking with me??... Clever little spider.
  10. Spiders have 8 eyes. That's 16 boobs! *giggle*
  11. Peep show. Ya little perv.
  12. Oh come oooooonnn!! 😩 Why must you move that leg?!
  13. Fine I'm done! I'm done, I'm done. Goodbye!