Wild Kratts kicks ass
  1. A chameleon's eyes move independently. They can scan with one eye while watching something approach with the other. Looks crazy too.
  2. Lemmings don't jump off cliffs together. They are actually pretty solitary creatures (they're rodents).
  3. Ring-tailed lemurs have scent packs on their wrists that they use to mark their territory. When they get pissed off at each other, they rub their wrists on their tails and then "stink fight" each other by throwing the stink with tail. The one that can't take the smell loses.
  4. Peregrine falcons and cheetahs are the same speed (taken from animated air vs ground race in Wild Kratts).
  5. There are invisible shrimp that live in the Australian desert that are kind of like Sea Monkeys. They only come out when it seasonally rains. Otherwise, just sand.
  6. Giraffe necks have the same number of bones as human necks.
  7. The platypus bill has electroreceptors on it. They send out electricity to locate prey based on electrocurrents the prey is sending out.