Books to Read if You're Dealing With Gad

GAD = Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I've referred to this list and been asked for it a few times. Would love to hear others' thoughts too.
  1. The Worry Cure
    This is really the one to start with. If you're only going to do one, do this one. Don't think about the word "worry" too much. Overthinkers have a problem with that word, and it is problematic. But the book is good.
  2. The Mind-Body Prescription
    By the famous back guy. This is all about how our bodies and our emotions are truly connected. It's one of 2 books my neurologist first handed me on that fateful appointment where she revolutionized my world.
  3. Dare by Barry McDonagh
    McDonagh is an Irish psychologist who suffered from years of panic attacks and anxiety. He figured out an approach that works, and he's helped hundreds of people with it. I think he's on to something and believe in the approach he advocates.
  4. Mind Over Mood
    This was the other title she handed me. It's a basic workbook intro to cognitive behavior therapy, a great help to rewrite your thoughts if you have GAD.
  5. Feeling Good
    I'm still reading this, but it comes up so much, and from so many trusted sources, I have to include it here. Merlin Mann was the first person I heard about it from.
  6. Embracing The Fear
    In the fall and winter of 2013-14 I had awful anxiety and panic attacks. This book really helped me. It runs through some mindfulness techniques and how to talk to others about your anxiety and how to overcome and deal with your anxieties. It was amazing.
    Suggested by   @evak