Just memorize one, I tell myself.
  1. Embossed carbuncle
    King Lear
  2. Heir of a mongrel bitch
    King Lear
  3. Cream faced loon
  4. Bull's-pizzle
    Henry IV, Part 1
  5. Rampillian
    Henry IV, Part 2
  6. Poisonous bunch-back'd toad
    Richard III
  7. Pigeon-liver'd
  8. Three inch fool
    The Taming of the Shrew
  9. Minion
    Two Gentleman of Verona
  10. Knotty-pated fool
    Henry IV, Part 1
  11. A stewed prune
    Henry IV, Part One
  12. A general offense
    All's Well That End's Well