Notes taken while hanging with Molly Greenwald and Molly Ringwald Dec 2015. I'm a novice, so anything that reads weird is due to that.
  1. What you're going to do, and the order to do it.
    Cleanse, mist, vitamin c, serum, moisturizer, oil elixir, sunscreen.
  2. Cleanse.
    Oil cleanser for oily skin. Sounds counter-intuitive, but true. Or, super gentle glycolic (acid) cleanser.
  3. Serum.
    Think of serum as the multivitamin or green juice shot your skin takes. It goes deeper.
  4. Moisturizer.
    Think of moisturizer as the meal your skin eats.
  5. Toner is not needed.
    And esp don't do alcohol based toner.
  6. Elixir. Oil elixir is the last thing. Not always needed. Face oils are big in the last couple of years.
    Happens in winter, when your skin gets dried out.
  7. Mist. You can put it on whenever you want actually. It smells good, makes you dewy, and great when you fly. Also called atomizer.
    Rosewater is a common one. Kim Sevy has one.
  8. Sunscreen.
    Super important and the thing that will save your skin from aging. Period.
  9. Brands mentioned--
    Dr. Haushka for a natural Innovative skin care, Kim Sevy, Bobby Brown oil cleanser, Muji oil cleanser, basic face wash: Purpose. That face wash is everything free and works for everyone.
  10. Adding photo of the Kim Sevy line just in case was a great Christmas present. I can't wait to use.
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