Since being diagnosed in July, randomly, during a neurologist appt for migraines...
  1. You can have GAD and not know you have anxiety.
    In part because you're managing your bad feelings away by avoiding words that make you feel bad.
  2. There are other people who also hate the question, "how are you" because it feels like too much pressure.
  3. Your symptoms can be nearly 100% physical.
    This can include headaches, stomachaches, dizziness, lightheadedness, and crippling neck and shoulder pain.
  4. It is the reason you feel like you're rushing all the time, and everything is on the brink of exploding (esp the little things).
  5. There are things called cognitive distortions, and you have a bunch of them.
  6. There are other people who have it too, and you probably talked to them within the last few hours. We're everywhere 👹. But usually very silent.
  7. You can be aware that you're an "overthinker," but not a worrier.
    The word "worry" is what tends to come up in GAD descriptions, and for most of the people I know, it doesn't feel like a fit until they realize what GAD is and that they have it.
  8. There is a reason you love to do yoga so so much. And why missing it feels like you are ruining something.
  9. Figuring out you have it brings order and a shape to things, which helps.
  10. Those with GAD tend to be highly functioning, highly articulate, intelligent people. If you do have it, you're joining a decent group of people. Welcome, mind traveler 💺.