This Is Happening: Stockholm

I'm here now, and I like the details. They're what make the place come to life.
  1. Shoe shiners, old timey style
  2. Aquavit
    It's for special occasions actually. Who knew? I loved the dj with the teased and sprayed hair, big hoop earring in one ear, who leaned over the bar to tell me I was drinking the wrong way (too many sips) and that Swedes only drink it for Easter, Christmas, midsummer, and crayfish celebrations.
  3. Two-sided bed covers.
    I just asked the Swedes I'n traveling with about this. They said, matter-of-factly, "you're sleeping with someone else. You don't want that person to roll over and take the cover in the night, so you end up with nothing."
  4. Answers are matter-of-fact.
    There's not a lot of fluff or small talk. If someone doesn't know something, they won't just nod the way Americans will. My traveling partner asked about shopping district and the dj just said, "I only shop online."
  5. Toilet brushes at every single toilet.
    People are mindful in the bathroom. There are double flush options everywhere (choose based on what you did) and people clean up after themselves.
  6. Attention to design everywhere, even where you wouldn't think of it.
  7. Energy conservation everywhere. Hotel cards turn on lights.
    You notice that you need to put your key card in to turn on lights in hotel. So smart. It saves energy while still allowing you to have the lights you want immediately upon entrance.
  8. Fresh crayfish and bay shrimp in 7-Eleven
    And it wasn't gross. It was like a high end deli. Cause fresh food is valued here.