1. Thinkin' about Carol
  2. Phoenix, a German movie about a holocaust survivor who gets facial reconstruction surgery
  3. One monologue from "Mistress America" that just hit too close to home
  4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    (At this point it's rare that a movie doesn't make me cry)
  5. A bunch of middle schoolers singing "Ave Maria"
  6. Realizing that someone I wanted to hang out with didn't want to hang out with me
  7. Josh Groban's Christmas album
  8. Tina & Amy's SNL goodnights when the whole cast sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" with Bruce Springsteen
    I've never seen so many people so unapologetically happy
  9. My sister flying to India and making me spend Christmas without her
  10. A google image search for "Oscar Isaac, mustache"
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    Sad I'll never get to touch it / but happy it exists
  11. Getting a really tight hug that I really needed
  12. Alicia Vikander's perfect face
  13. Singing karaoke
    My one true passion
  14. These Korean dogs that are always wearing turtlenecks
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