1. Slows BBQ in the downtown market
    Get the last sandwich on the menu called the triple threat. It will make you cry tears of joy with its ham, bacon, and pulled chicken smothered in BBQ
  2. Stella's
    In October they had this burger of the month with pineapple bacon and Bbq sauce that was fantastic. Their fries are also so unique with Frank's hot sauce seasoning to add the perfect amount of kick
  3. Electric cheetah
    Known for their mac n cheese but everything on their menu is bomb. Go on Sunday's for their brunch menu and there will be even more options. Seasonal, funny menus and the wait staff are great
  4. Hopcat
    Bitch about having to be 21 or older but a definite win in the food and beer department. Burger was clutch and the crack fries tasted like something from heaven.
  5. Founders brewery
    Go for the beer, not the food
  6. The B.O.B.
    Stands for big old building and has different restaurants on each floor. Have yet to try them but I've only heard exceptional things about it
  7. The green well
    Cute little restaurant with a seasonal menu and great portion sizes if your starving get the full meal, if you're only slightly hungry get the smaller dishes. My favorite is the Brazilian black bean stew.
  8. Sanchez Bistro
    Tapas, tapas, tapas. Make sure you go with someone who shares the same food likes and dislikes as you because you'll be sharing...everything.