1. Trepidation
    Seeing the package, I was filled with excitement but also a sharp fear that upon opening, an anthrax style toxin would explode in my face
  2. Pleasant surprise
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    I received a fat stack of stationary. Look at these notecards. They are just lovely.
  3. Tickled delight
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    I saw this notecard that listed all my favorite couples. Things are just getting lovelier.
  4. Sheer joy
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    I saw a special notecard with a quote from Glee's Finn and Rachel. This is so cool.
  5. Tear filled eyes
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    When I saw the Pam and Jim card, tears rush to my eyes. It's my absolute favorite Pam/Jim quote from all 9 seasons.
  6. Vomiting/fainting/seizures
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    Dawson and Joey forever.