Camp Crazy

  1. At camp I thought nothing would go wrong.
  2. But after a week and a half there was this huge storm.
  3. That storm took down so many trees and knocked down metal bleachers that were about 5,000 pounds.
  4. A sad and crazy moment was when everyone saw a big snake.
  5. When I got downstairs I was too late. I only got to see its behind.
  6. I thought it was pretty crazy when a camper got a crawfish out of a river and it was alive.
  7. They could do nothing about the 50 wasp nests that were at the pool.
  8. Some of the wasp nests were at the changing tents at the pool too.
  9. The first three weeks we found something that looked like an abandoned sock. Then a week later we thought it was a dead snake. Then one of my friends touched it and it moved. It ended up being a frog stuck in the ceiling of our changing tent. We had no idea how it survived for three weeks in there.
  10. Throughout camp we heard some real stories about a kid who saw a deer who went up to him and sniffed him in the face and then ran away.
  11. There's also a real story of a couple of bunks that saw a wild bear in camp eating out of the garbage.
  12. So that is why I call this story the crazy camp.