1. Age 93
    Ok if I'm 93 and I become a grandpa the first thing I'm going to say to my kid and my grandkids is do not give me a silly nickname like Wepa or Paw. Cause really if you bring my grandkids to my house and my friends are there they're going to ask "what's my grandpa name?" Then my friends will start calling me funky names. So don't mess up.
  2. 30
    All my life when I was a kid I wanted a job and a family. But when I got that at age 30, it was horrible. We had a baby and it screamed every night for five years. Then we got another one and it was the same thing for 6 years, but even louder than the first. And then when the first one was 18, it was horrible. We put out healthy treats on Hallowwen and he egged our house.
  3. 11
    At 11, I went to this roller coaster ride called the gut buster. But before that I had a hot dog, a pack of French fries, and cotton candy and a Coke. When I saw the gut buster I didn't read the bottom of the sign. It said unpleasant things that I can't tell you. When I got on I really regretted it. The next thing I knew I was throwing up in the middle of the ride. Never go on a ride that says gut buster as it can really bust a gut.