If I Could Have Any Pet (Real or Fake)

  1. I would take a piece of cake with legs and it follow me around so that whenever I was hungry I would have a snack to chow down
  2. I would have a gremlin except I would be very strict with rules and never feed it after 12 o'clock and never let it in the pool.
  3. I probably take my favorite stuffed animal make it come alive. Then it would never die when it gets hurt. I wouldn't have to feed it.
  4. I would have Garfield as a pet, but I would never let him eat too much food. Id make him go on a diet.
  5. A parrot that talks. I would teach it words like this: "So what?"; "I hear there's a rat in the pantry."; "Be right there."; "don't I look attractive?"