1. I sing no siren song My warbled tones a lullaby Enticed but not Entranced Will you surrender to it anyway?
  2. I am no deadly whirlpool No danger on the cliffs My waters calm, smooth sailing Will you give thanks for easy passage?
  3. Will you remember your Calypso When you have gone away? Her love will fill you with memories Your mind cannot recall.
  4. My precious yellow flower I hold your name in my mouth Never opening it enough to set it free. I gave it all But it was not enough to keep you from falling in.
  5. But I will weave and unweave, Your sweet Penelope. I will stoke the flame, keep it burning Your Hestia awaits your company.
  6. Foolish hero never stops to praise the dame Fool that I am, I betray all for his sake Knowing he will never belong to me The gestalt figure's devoted ground I am but a muse.