so, now that we're getting to know each other a little better, I feel it's time that I start sharing the real stuff. the core stuff
  1. For those of you who read my li.stroduction, you may know that I consider my self a revolutionary thinker
    And future revolutionary doer...all part I my 5 year plan man
  2. I was raised to believe that I am a global citizen who has the capacity to have global impacts, and i decidedly pursue this idea as often as I can
    I celebrated my 16th birthday by visiting the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. I missed finals to voluntour in the Republica Dominicana. Please excuse my haughty tone. I just want you to know it's real.
  3. This idea has been fed by some of the most influential people to ever walk the earth
    Not directly of course, though i do hope to meet some real revolutionaries in the future
  4. So when I stumbled across a book with this title (Architects of Peace) that amalgamated some words of inspiration from the world's greatest doers, I had to have it!
    Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa, Cesar Chavez, Thich Nhat Hanh, Elie Wiesel (just some favorites 😊)
  5. And when I opened it up, I found a quote by Archbishop Desmond Tutu that awakened something in me
    It just seems so appropriate with where I am in the world right now, and i simply wanted to share it with you all.
  6. "And God says, I have a dream. I have a dream that all of my children will discover that they belong in one family-my family, the human family-a family in which there are no outsiders.
  7. All, all belong, all are held in the embrace of this One whose love will never let us go, this one who says that each one of us is of incredible worth, that each one of us is precious to God because each one of us has their name written on the palms of God's hands.
  8. And God says there are no outsiders- black, white, red, yellow, short, tall, young, old, rich, poor, gay, lesbian, straight-everyone. ALL belong. And God says, I have only you to help me realize my dream. Help me."