1. Educating Yourself
    Being aware of what's happening at all times, and knowing how to help.
  2. Being Angry Enough to Take Action, and Knowing Where to Aim It
    Do not be hurt just enough to throw up an angry fb rant about how the pigs keep coming for us, and that we live in modern day slavery only to go on about your business like nothing happened as soon as the media dies down.
  3. Adding Constructively to the Conversation
    Do not believe for a second that just because you're black means that you can not be ignorant. Watch both sides of the conversation, recognize that it's a conversation, and use it as a platform to educate and encourage others rather than to bump heads with people equally as loud and obstinant as you. This is destructive.
  4. Defending Your Brothers and Sisters, and Recognizing That They Won't Always Look Like You
    There are a lot of advocates for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement from all different races, religions, and creeds. Stop excluding them because they can't and won't understand. Share the wealth of knowledge. Trust there's enough pain to go around.
  5. Grieving As Long As You Need To
    Sometimes we're silent because it just hurts too much. Sometimes we're shocked into silence as it happens again and again. Sometimes we don't know what to say because we've already spilled all our words. That's ok. Take your time. Feel as much as you need to. Then, when it's time, stand up again and fight that good fight with whatever you have to fight with.