sorry. I don't have any optimistic or altruistic sentiments to share this time.
  1. America, you voted with blinders on.
  2. You voted for now. You voted for yourself and what you want America to be for you.
  3. You voted with no regard to me. You did not make my voice heard.
  4. I am your children. I was on the ballot. And you voted to assuage your wounded pride. Not to ensure a brighter future.
  5. My American dream is now a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, bigoted hate-filled nightmare.
  6. Now you have a job to do.
  7. You have to look me in the eye, tell me there's nothing left for me, and then ask me to reach across the aisle for unity in America.
  8. You have to watch me grow up in a world where brashness is favored over morality.
  9. You get to explain to me how the actual fuck I'm supposed to function at normal capacity in a country that functions abnormally. Illogically. Selfishly.
  10. You made your voice clear America. And it said, "Faith, you're irrelevant to our country's ultimate agenda."
  11. Congratufuckinglations. You just grabbed America by the pussy.