1. I've only been on li.st a few days, and in this time, I've wondered what kind of li.ster I will be.
  2. What should I share with this community? What do I have to offer?
  3. And at first, I thought this wasn't for me at all because I've never had to take my thoughts and lay them out like this. It's a little bit of a culture shock if I'm honest.
  4. And then Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and Dallas and the protests happened. And it was important for me to lend my voice to those things, and to align myself with this movement.
  5. And now, it doesn't seem right for me to, just days later, go back to posting selfishly about tv shows and snacking
    Even though I love these things!
  6. And maybe that'll change as time passes, and the feelings aren't as fresh.
  7. But for now, I'm right. This isn't for me. This is for them. This is for all of them until there is no longer a them for this to be for.
  8. So I'll keep posting about black lives and blue lives and women's lives and children's lives and invisible lives and prominent lives and how they're all affecting my life.
  9. And as the featured lists become about Starbucks and channel surfing again
  10. And the trending lists look more like the featured lists
  11. I'll keep li.sting about living. for them.
  12. Even if I'm the only one.
  13. But I hope I'm not.