1. I don't know what's happening in the houses around me, but in a predominantly white neighborhood, I would imagine business as usual.
    And I wish I could bang on their doors and tell them to wake up and thank God that they have another day because it's not promised, no matter what color you are.
  2. I went for a walk yesterday, just to remind myself I could. I've never felt that before. But my brother did when he was stopped by a cop feet from our house.
    And as I was walking, a man was walking along with his dog. I just kept imagining him sicking his dog on me like it was the 60s. Then I realized how ridiculous that was.
  3. And then I went home, and i cried. Because I had no more distractions. Because there was nothing left to busy myself with, and the weight of world caught up with me.
  4. And then my mom gathered my black self, my 3 black brothers, my black father, and my beautiful black little sister to pray.
    For blacks. For blues. For peace. For change. For love and light to win against hate and darkness. For change. For victory over evil. For sleep to come to our house. For safety. For strength. For change.
  5. And then Dallas happened.
  6. And now rumors of a lynching in Atlanta.
  7. And so this morning, before she leaves for work, she slips into my room so she can tell me to keep everyone inside today. There's just too much going on.
  8. "Keep everyone off the internet, Faith. I don't want the little ones exposed to all this without me here. And don't go far outside of the house. Everyone around here wears their feelings on their sleeve. "
    She's worried. This kills me.
  9. And soon she's going to leave the house. She's going to trust that we're safe at home. And she's going to go to work at a place where she is the only WoC.
  10. And she's going to hold back the river of hurt that she has yet to be able to feel, so as not to wash anyone away.
  11. And instead let loose a flood of love over everyone she meets today. Black, white, blue or otherwise. Because that's her fight.
  12. That's where she can wage a war against hate.
  13. That's how she can come home to be with her kids at the end of the day.
  14. That's how she can say she's done her part.
  15. Dear Lord, Don't let her get stopped.
  16. UPDATE: She wore all black to work (save for her white lab coat) cause she's a total BA. Freaking queen man.❤❤❤