The Tribute I Owe Terence Crutcher
  1. I've decided that I can and I will continue to handle however many more they take from us. Because it's up to the ones of us left behind to carry the legacy of the ones that are gone.
  2. Because you deserve more. You all deserve more.
  3. I thought that my first responsibilty to the lost ones was to be wholly affected. To be angry and avoid being desensatized. To feel deeply and painfully as a tribute to them.
  4. But they all deserve so much more than my anger. Because my anger does not inhibit this viscious cycle. As a matter of fact, it fuels it. Perpetuates it.
  5. So instead, I will give what I can that honors them and fuels, instead, the change necessary to make it stop.
  6. I will give love. Unabashedly. Freely. Wholeheartedly.
  7. I will not feed into the divisive propaganda meant to convince me that love is not a valid response to hate.
  8. I will not bomb a New York neighborhood. I will not shoot up a night club. I will not shoot police officers.
  9. I will not villify any group of people based on race, religion, class, or creed. I will not dehumanize anyone regardless of how inhumane they have been depicted.
  10. I will not harbor anger against those associated with the "villians" of the day. I will not close my heart to those hurting on either side. I will not deny anyone the opportunity to be empathetic.
  11. I will not be an instrument for hate. Some may say that it's not my right to forgive on your behalf. But neither is it my right to seek revenge for your sake either.
  12. The God in me will not allow me to continue to live behind walls and with closed borders. He has made me greater than the rulers and principalities of darkness, and I believe with everything in me that I have the capacity to love the hate straight back to the hell it came from.
  13. Nice try, Donald. You tried to convince us that we've hit the wall. But today's black communities are not in the worst state than they've ever been. Because as long as there is light and love and community, we have resiliency. You can try to get us down, but we will never be out. You can't teach a lion to fear a jackal.
  14. With love, A little lion