literally everything. @jessilee23
  1. Old movie tickets
    I used to have some dating all the way back to 2011 when me and my giggly friends saw Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" but then my little sister got to them. The ones I have left start with The Hunger Games which was my first midnight premiere. It came out 10 days after my 13th birthday. #tbt
  2. Hotel Key Cards
    I know you're not supposed to take these, and i promise the first few times it was an accident, but I mean when you've already got a collection going, what are you gonna do?
  3. Disney Park Passes
    I've only been twice, but I have 9. I took everyone elses. They didn't need them.
  4. Travel Paraphernalia
    This year for my 17 birthday, my great-aunt invited me to a voluntour cruise with her to the Dominican Republic. I kept everything from the letter she mailed inviting me to my luggage tags and the receipt for my passport photo. This was HUGE for me, and i wanted to be sure to hold on to every part of it.
  5. An entire army of dolls and stuffed animals
    I have so many. Almost all of them in varying degrees of disrepair. I still love them, even if there all locked away in my closet.
    I have clothes still from all stages of my life that I REFUSE to give away. Almost all the clothes I received growing up were hand-me-downs. They've got too much history for me to just throw them all away. Besides, I'm convinced that one day I will find a proper use for my Mary-Kate and Ashley mixed-print denim/plaid skirt and my Harley Davidson Biker tank. It's bound to happen.
  7. Schoolwork
    Over the summer, I was clutter cleaning and managed to find writing journals from kindergarten. I finally, after almost 12 years, threw some of them away. My heart still aches.
  8. Sea Shells
    5 years ago my family went to PCB and i collected so many sea shells that they now live in a large bucket under my bed. I wanted to do something really cool with them, but I never did.
  9. My brother's artwork
    My older brother, @raysofnope ,is a multi-talented demigod who has managed to conquer almost every art and most sciences. Although he's created some incredible works recentky, I've still held into a lot of his old stuff just as a reminder of how far he's come.
  10. Single Shoes
    I have about 6 half pairs of shoes. Don't aske me why. I don't have an answer.
  11. Old soda cans
    A neglected Pinterest project. I'll bring them to life someday.
  12. My first pair of heels
    7th grade. My brother's best friend helped me pick them out when he worked at a clothing store. Red velvet pumps with a bow near the toe. They're on their last leg. I can still rock em though.
  13. My Favorite VHS tapes
    Scamper the Penguin. Barney's Fairytales. Down to Earth. I don't have anything to watch them on. I just can't let go.
  14. Taylor Swift's "Red" Keds
    "There's a hole in my shoe." - Woody voice
  15. Good times.