"she's not even that cute though...😒"- a first degree burn from a third-degree acquaintance
  1. Extreme poverty affects 1.2 billion people globally.
  2. Women's health is a neglected issue, leaving billions of women and children susceptible to unnecessary harsh circumstance.
  3. America is engaged in one of the most divisive elections in its history.
  4. I've basically relieved all of the nationally traumatic events of my early childhood within the past year.
  5. I am a black female pursuing a career in a male-dominated field. #WoCdoctorsforthewin
  6. Student loans are a crippling fear that looms over the heads of almost everyone i know and almost everyone i don't.
  7. Applying for colleges and searching for scholarships and taking standardized tests and graduating from high school are pretty much all I manage to eat, sleep, and poop.
  8. I'm almost 18=the beginning of adulthood.
  9. Life.
  10. There are ignoramuses in this world who feel that, even with everything else demanding my passion and energy, I should be concerned about whether or not I'm "even cute enough".
    I literally dont have the time or energy to care.
  11. Boy I'm cute enough for me. Now go read a book or something 😒
  12. 😂😂😂