just because I really like music. inspired by @Jenelle
  1. Scare Away the Dark by Passenger
    Sing, Sing at the top of your voice/Love without fear in your heart/Feel, feel like you still have a choice/If we all light up we can scare away the dark
  2. Live Your Life by Yuna
    Find your light/Don't hide from what you are/And rise before you fall/And hope for something more/Live if you really want to
  3. Masterpiece by Jasmine Sullivan
    Every part of me is a vision of a portrait of Mona/Of Mona Lisa/ Every part of me is beautiful/And I finally see/I'm a work of art, a masterpiece
  4. Maintain by Jonathan McReynolds
    I realize this is a day that You have made/So I walk in love and put a smile on my face/But in case I run into someone on a different page/Help me maintain
  5. Heart Hope by Oh Wonder
    Cause I need something more than everything/A higher self deep within/Cause I need something more than anything/A higher self, a higher self
  6. Four Walls by Broods
    I wanna make you feel how I feel when I'm listening to love songs/I wanna take you to the peak of everything that you are/You're everything I need tonight
  7. Live While We're Young by Johnnyswim
    Make no mistake/We'll live while we're young/We'll chase down the sun/Hands off the brakes/We can die when we're done/Let's live while we're young
  8. Be Good by Gregory Porter
    She said lions are meant for cages/Just to look at and delight/You dare not let 'em walk around/Cause they might just bite/Does she know what she does/When she dances around my cage, and says her name?/ Be good, Be good, Be good
  9. I Am Light by India.Arie
    I am divinity defined/I am the God on the inside/I am a star/A piece of it all/I am light
  10. try your wings by Amel Larrieux
    If you've never been in love/And you're longing for the happiness it brings/try your wings
  11. Melrose by Childish Gambino
    Someone gave you all my love, baby/All my love/All my love
  12. Crooked Smile by J. Cole
    I keep my twisted grill/Just to show the kids it's real/We ain't picture perfect/But we worth the picture still
  13. Ordinary Heart by Emily King
    Cause what I've got is just an ordinary heart/But I'll give it more than anybody/You can always trust this ordinary heart
  14. Vienna by Billy Joel
    Slow down you crazy child/You're so ambitious for a juvenile/But then if you're so smart/Tell me why are you still afraid?
  15. Smile by Nat King Cole (covered by Janelle Monae)
    Smile though your heart is aching/Smile even though it's breaking/When there are clouds in the sky/You'll get by
  16. Jump Hi by Lion Babe
    Find your light/In the darkest sky/And the stars burn/Inside our eyes/Cutting through the haze/To our glory days/We won't give up/Never too late
  17. Music is more for me than just background noise.
    I like storytelling. I like vulnerability. I like when a musician uses their music to articulate the feelings we don't have words for. Or otherwise remind us that these feelings are not unique, and we are not alone in feeling them.