1. Last night I shed tears for a boy/ Tears that had your name in them and dragged it down my cheeks/ My war torn heart broken/ Like your rib cracked by the bullet
  2. Why didn't I cry for you first?/ Where was the pain I felt for you?/ The heat and pressure in your back/ Turning your heart to diamonds/ I didn't feel it/ How did I not feel it?
  3. How did I not know that you stood so far above them/ They tried to level you like an abandoned building?/ Do they not know there's in life inside those walls?
  4. Your diamond heart/ Pumping fire through your veins/ They didn't know you were ablaze/ Until the red spread uninhibited/ Out into the October air/ Onto the Georgia asphalt/ It wet there hands with warmth, not flames
  5. What a king you are
  6. It was heavy wasn't it?/ The weight of someone else's unchecked anger/ Lodged in your back/ Pressing down on your chest/ And even as your breath was labored/ You knew only Inspiration/ Not expiration
  7. What a king you are
  8. How heavy was it?/ You're eyes fluttering/ Straining under the weight of your own life/ You did not ask for them to shoot you
  9. You never gave them permission to penetrate your flesh/ To barrel into your back/ Force their way into your world/ They must've been confused/ Your broad back mistaken for a wall that they must break through
  10. Do they not know that yours are the shoulders that great men stand upon to see even further?
  11. Yet no weapon formed against you has prospered/ Not the fear/ Not the anger/ Not the hate/ Not the gun/ Not the bullet/ Not the man
  12. And what a king you are
  13. That your heart still beats/ Your diamond heart banging against the walls of your chest/ Begging to be set free
  14. That your toes still wiggle on your feet/ Eager to kiss the ground from which you rose/ That you know from above and not below
  15. That your eyes still move beneath your lids/ Painting pictures on your eyelids of the faces your eyes are too tired to see
  16. What a king you are Nigel
  17. They didn't know/ But now they do/ Because when they tried to fracture you/ Love poured out
  18. *****************************************
  19. I've grown to love this community so much. You all have provided me with so much love and support, so I feel no shame in asking you all to keep my family in your thoughts and prayers right now.
  20. Yesterday my family was informed that one of my cousins was shot Wednesday night. He's alive and in stable condition, which I'm so grateful for, but with everything else going on, I didn't give it the time it warranted to fully understand what happened. Now, I've made peace with the situation and am just looking forward to seeing him healthy again.
  21. I simply wanted to take the time to honor such an amazing man and to express my pain in a healthy manner.
  22. And I also wanted to bring to all of your attention the devastation caused by gun violence.
  23. We've already lost too many. We've already been complacent long enough. It has to stop.
  24. Whatever side you stand on regarding this issue, recognize it as an issue. And make the necessary choices to make change happen NOW.
  25. This is not the time to feel sorry for me or anyone else. This is the time to ask yourself the hard questions, and to go out and vote for the people with not only the best answers, but also the best actions.
  26. As a member of the black community, this isn't the first time. And it won't be the last time until EVERYONE decides that this affects them too.
  27. I love you all too much to stay silent. Because the whole world needs to know. We didn't lose this one. Thank God. But what happens tonight? Tomorrow? On Halloween? On Election Day?
  28. Change. That's what happens.
  29. Don't you dare wait.
  30. I may not be of voting age, but my voice still matters. And because of that
  31. #imwithher