inspired by all you lovelies💙
  1. Because I remember all those lyrics no one else knows
  2. Because we never got to keep that stray puppy
  3. Because I have 5 siblings
  4. Because my mom didn't have a mom and found her momspiration elsewhere
  5. Because my brother left big shoes for me to fill
  6. Because they always said "aw" when i wish they gave me real words
  7. Because the Entire. World. Is. Mine.
  8. Because I'm black
  9. Because I'm a girl
  10. Because I'm a teenager with raging hormones
  11. Because I'm so introspective, my insides are graffitied with all those thoughts I can't share
  12. Because empathy is my superpower and my weakness at the same time
  13. Because I'm preparing to be remarkable
  14. Because sometimes I don't know how to let it out and sometimes I'm not sure that I should
  15. Because I'm preparing to breed greatness
  16. Because you never know what words you say end up getting quoted
  17. Because I was never the kid making the jokes, I was the one laughing at them
  18. Because I spent way too much time changing my laugh, my handwriting, and my disposition
  19. Because they always feel the need to tell me they don't date black girls just in case I was considering someday possibly at some point maybe showing some kind of a little bit of interest. Because friendship is more important.
  20. Because my parents never got married
  21. Because my stepdad is really really wounded and that's the only thing that makes sense
  22. Because my name is Faith Nia Wright
  23. Because when I was 12 God actually saved me, and I wouldn't trade my faith for anything at all. Ever.
  24. Because I already know the man I'm going to marry
  25. Because my favorite color is blue
  26. Because I have acne. And a snaggle tooth. And stretch marks. But it's all good. Just makes it easier to sift out the ones who'll waste my time
  27. Because I really love fresh air
  28. Because life is poetry
  29. Because makes me feel heard
  30. Because I love you all.
  31. Because it isn't worth it to be anything else